Do you love the taste of lemons? If so, you’re going to love these lemon kitchen decor ideas.

Lemon-themed kitchens are bright, cheerful, and perfect for injecting a little bit of summertime into your home. Whether you’re looking for a new backsplash idea, some new cabinet hardware, or just some general inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

So get ready to add a little bit of brightness to your kitchen with these amazing lemon decor ideas.

1. Add a Touch of Brightness to Your Home

lemon kitchen decor ideas wall paint

Lemon decor could be just the thing to add some zest to your cooking space. A sunny wall paint in lemon yellow or lime green sets the tone for a bright and cheery space. Displaying lemons as decorative accents can also bring a pop of color and freshness.

Try filling a clear glass bowl with bright yellow lemons, or hang framed prints of lemon slices on the wall to complement the look of the heart of your house.

2. Add a Few Lemon Placemats

Add a Few Lemon Placemats

Consider adding some lemon-themed towels or placemats to your kitchen counters or dining table. You could also look for decorative storage containers, like canisters or jars, with lemon designs.

For a more subtle touch, rearrange your fruit basket to prominently display lemons or try hanging a framed print featuring the citrus fruit. These small touches will give your kitchen a playful and playful vibe while adding a bit of whimsy to your space.

3. A Lemon-Themed Tablecloth

A lemon-themed tablecloth

A lemon-printed tablecloth or set of dish towels is a great way to bring some citrus sunshine into your space. Not only will it add bold visual interest, but it’ll also make meal prep more enjoyable.

Plus, with the playful pattern, cleanup will feel just a little bit brighter. Another fun option is to incorporate actual lemons into your decor by placing them in a decorative bowl on your counter or dining table.

4. Apply the Lemon Wallpaper for an Instant Work

lemon print on the kitchen wall

Painting your walls in a sunny yellow or bright green shade instantly adds a citrusy pop of color. And when it comes to art, there are endless options. From prints featuring close-up lemon slices to paintings of elegant lemon trees.

You could also consider hanging up some vintage tin signs with lemons, or finding small citrus-themed trinkets to display on shelves or countertops. Plus, adding in some fun lemon accents will give your cooking space a bit of summery inspiration.

5. Add a Bowl of Lemon Fruits on your Kitchen Countertop Space

Add a Bowl of Lemon Fruits on your Kitchen Countertop Space

These bright fruits can add a pop of color and freshness to any space. One easy option is to toss a few in a bowl and place it on your countertop or dining table.

Not only will it add visual interest, but you’ll also have lemons on hand for cooking or flavoring water. Another idea is to slice some lemons and display them in a vase on your kitchen table or windowsill.

6. Add a Few Artificial Lemons

Add a Few Artificial Lemons to the kitchen

A simple way to incorporate this theme is by adding some yellow or green accents such as wall art, tiling, rugs, or dish towels.

On the other side, you can also add a few wall decorative pieces featuring lemons or lemon slices, which can instantly liven up the space.

Consider scattering some faux lemons or limes on the countertops for a pop of color.

7. Yellow or Green Canisters Would be Great

Yellow or Green Canisters lemon kitchen decor

Start by incorporating yellow or green canisters, either on open shelves or in a corner cabinet. This will be such a versatile decorative pieces, that will make a statement to the kitchen at the same time.

Display the canisters on the open shelving shelves in the kitchen, to make it work as a cheerful and fresh hint of the kitchen.

8. Candles with Lemon Would Make Your Kitchen Smell Fresh and Inviting

Candles with Lemon kitchen decor

The lemon-scented candles should be on your list when it comes to the kitchen decor. Not only will it add a cheerful pop of color to the countertop or windowsill, but it will also give the room a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

And if you’re looking for an even bigger punch of citrus, try adding lemon slices or twigs to a clear vase filled with water as a simple yet beautiful centerpiece.

9. Adding Some Lemon-Themed Accessories

lemon printed dish towel

Adding some citrus theme accessories to your kitchen can effortlessly inject a dose of brightness and cheer. You could get a lemon-printed dish towel or oven mitts. Or, try hanging a set of glamorous yellow glass lemon juice jugs on the wall for an unexpected pop of color.

Even just adding some small lemon-shaped trinkets, like salt and pepper shakers or coffee mugs, can bring a touch of sunshine to your kitchen. And let’s face it, lemons are just damn cute. So go ahead and add some citrus vibes to your cooking space. Your guests will definitely notice.

10. A Set of Yellow or Green Dishware

A Set of Yellow or Green lemon Dishware

A set of yellow or green dishware can give your kitchen fun pops of color, and it pairs well with many different design styles. You could also add some artistic lemon-themed prints to your walls or bring in some fresh lemons as decoration on your countertops to complement the overall look of the kitchen.

With this versatile feature, you can ensure your kitchen will be both fun and stylish.

11. Install Kitchen Curtains to Give Your Space a Fresh Look

lemon curtain for kitchen

One idea is to swap out your plain kitchen curtains for ones with lemon patterns or designs. This small touch can give the room a refreshing pop of color and bring in some playful, summery vibes.

Another option is to add some cute lemon-shaped ceramic knobs to your cabinets or invest in a lemon-patterned dishtowel set.

12. A Cute Kitchen Rug

Lemon-themed Kitchen Rug

One easy and comfortable addition is a lemon-themed rug. Not only does it provide cushion for your feet while you’re working in the kitchen, but it also adds a pop of citrusy cheer to the room.

Choose from rugs with bright yellow lemons, green leaves, or a combination of both.

Another option is to go for a more subtle look with a rug featuring a lemon print or pattern. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, pick out a rug with an unexpected color palette like blue and yellow lemons for a unique twist on the traditional theme.

13. Lemon-Printed Apron

Lemon-Printed Apron

The lemon-printed apron will bring the refreshment to the kitchen. You can either purchase this aprons or make it by yourself. It will be easy but take time to dry up for the machine-washable fabrics. The design is also suitable for every person in the family who loves cooking and baking.

You don’t need to worry about your clothes while you whip up delicious meals since this cutie pie lemon-printed apron will protect your clothes.

14. Sliced Lemon Wall Clock

Lemon-themed wall clock

The clock in your kitchen serves a functional purpose by helping you keep track of time while cooking or baking. Plus, it adds a pop of color and design at the same time. Consider hanging it above the dining table or on an empty kitchen wall. Or, you can also hang it in your breakfast nook or on a kitchen shelf.

Another fun idea is to hang a lemon-themed wall clock made from polished wood or metal. This type of clock will add a more natural and rustic feel to your space.

15. Lemon-Themed Serving Tray

lemon serving tray

A serving tray decorated with lemon illustrations or motifs is a simple yet effective way to bring a pop of summery goodness to your space. It’s also functional, as you can use it to serve appetizers or snacks at your next gathering.

With this tray, you can get creative and make it a DIY project by designing your own lemon illustrations or just buy one that already has the look you’re going for.

16. A Lemon Tree in a Pot

A Lemon Tree in a Pot

One of the freshest and easiest ways to incorporate lemon into your kitchen decor is with a small potted lemon tree. It brings a natural, vibrant color to any room, and the good news is that you will have a steady supply of lemons for cooking or garnishes.

Plus, caring for a lemon tree is relatively low maintenance. You only need to plant in a sunny spot, water regularly, and enjoy the fragrant blossoms as the fruit grows.

17. Cutie Trash Can

Lemon-themed trash can

One cute and functional addition could be a lemon-themed trashcan. You can easily find a lemon-patterned waste bin online, or get creative with some DIY decorations. For instance, you could use yellow craft paper or fabric to cover a plain trashcan, and then cut out lemon shapes from green construction paper to create leaves.

18. Yellow or Green Kitchen Appliance

Yellow lemon Kitchen Appliance

This can be as subtle as adding a yellow toaster or as bold as getting a statement-making lemon yellow fridge. One idea is to invest in some yellow or green kitchen appliances, such as a toaster or blender.

If a full appliance makeover is too expensive, consider purchasing smaller lemon-themed accessories like utensils, dish towels, or even a wallpaper border. Or, bring the lemon theme into your cooking by displaying fresh lemons on a gleaming metallic fruit bowl or hanging a rustic wood sign featuring a citrus-inspired phrase.

19. Lemon-Themed Dishes are a Lovely Addition to Any Kitchen

Lemon-Themed Dishes

Dishes with lemon prints are happy and cheerful, perfect for any breakfast or brunch spread. Or, if you want to go bold, try using lemons as actual decor. A bowl full of bright yellow lemons on the kitchen table adds instant summer vibes.

And let’s not forget about adding lemons to your shelves. Small jars filled with dried lemon slices make for pretty and fragrant decoration.

Bottom line: incorporating lemons into your kitchen decor is a tasty way to add some freshness and brightness to your space.

20. Add a Lemon-themed Kitchen Backsplash

Add a Lemon-themed Kitchen Backsplash

A lemon-themed backsplash or tile floor can add a pop of color and a touch of fun to any cooking space. For a more subtle look, consider using yellow tiles mixed with other neutral colors.

Or, go bold with an entire backsplash or floor covered in vibrant lemon designs. Combine it with the white wall paint to balance the atmosphere of the kitchen.

21. A Lemon Wreath as a Pop of Color

A Lemon Wreath as a Pop of Color

This versatile decoration can be hung on a wall or a cabinet, and it adds a pop of color and fruity flair. You could even take it a step further by adding some fake lemons to the wreath for an even more realistic look.

What you will need:

  • Wire wreath frame
  • Yarn or string to hang the wreath
  • Fake lemons (optional)


  • Select a wire wreath frame that is large enough to accommodate all of your fake lemons.
  • Wrap yarn or string around the wreath, tying it off in a few different spots to secure it in place.
  • Depending on how many lemons you want to add, start attaching the lemons to your wreath with hot glue or superglue, placing them wherever you would like. You can either individually attach each one or create clusters of two or three lemons clustered together.
  • Hang your wreath on the wall or a kitchen cabinet and enjoy your new lemon-themed decoration.

22. A Lemon-Themed Kitchen Mat

A Lemon-Themed Kitchen Mat

Adding a lemon-themed kitchen mat is a great way to add some brightness to your home. Yellow is such a happy color, and lemons are such a cheerful fruit. This mat would be sure to brighten up your kitchen and make it feel more welcoming.

Whether you go for a bright yellow design or a more subtle pattern, the pop of color will liven up any dull kitchen. Plus, a mat helps protect your floors from spills and scratches.

23. A Lemon Sign for Your Refrigerator Would Be an Easy Addition

Lemon Decal on Refrigerator

A lemon sign or graphic for your refrigerator would be a simple yet impactful touch. You can simply attach the cute decal or a magnet of the citrus fruits, which will give your kitchen a pop of brightness and add some playful charm. And who knows, it might even inspire you to add a little lemon zest to your cooking.

24. Lemon Themed Dishware Holds Up Well in the Dishwasher

Lemon Themed Dishware Holds Up Well in the Dishwasher

While you could always opt for simple decorative accents like towels or wall hangings, there’s something extra special about incorporating lemons into your dishware.

One perk is that these bright and cheery plates, bowls, and mugs can often take a beating in the dishwasher without fading or chipping – making them practical as well as visually appealing.

Look for dishes featuring whole lemons, slices, or even citrus patterns. Your dining setup will certainly be ready for summertime (or any time) BBQs and lemonade parties.

25. Lemon Decor Cupcakes Would be a Delicious Touch

Lemon Decor Cupcakes

Spice up your kitchen decor with a burst of freshness by incorporating a lemon theme when hosting your next party or special occasion. Your guests will be delighted by the lively and vibrant atmosphere that the lemon-inspired decor creates, making it a memorable experience that they won’t soon forget.

One easy and impressive touch would be to bake some lemon-themed cupcakes, using yellow frosting and decorating with lemon slices or candy lemon wedges.

For more of a statement piece, get some dishes serving pieces with lemon prints or designs to complement the overall look.

26. A Lemon Stencil on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Lemon Stencil Kitchen Cabinet

Add some citrus flair to your kitchen while also challenging your creativity by stenciling a lemon design onto your cabinet. Whether it’s a single lemon on one door or an allover lemon print, it is sure to add some fun and brightness to the room.

And while you are at it, incorporate some actual lemons into your decor too. A bowl of fresh lemons on the counter or a wall-mounted hanging basket with lemon tree branches are beautiful additions.

From lemony window treatments to cheerful wall art, these 26 lemon kitchen decor ideas are sure to brighten up your space. So whether you’re looking for a fresh way to update your existing d├ęcor or want to start from scratch, we hope you find inspiration in this citrusy roundup.