Are you a cat lover? If so, you’ll want to check out these DIY cat hammocks! Not only are they perfect for keeping your kitty cat cozy, but they’re also a great way to show off your crafting skills.

We’ve gathered 20 of the best DIY cat hammock tutorials from around the web, and we’re sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for your kitty.

So get ready to take your cat furniture game up a notch with these amazing DIY cat hammocks!

Wooden Box DIY Cat Hammock

Wooden Box Diy Cat Hammock

Wood is the perfect material for a cat hammock. Not only does it provide your pet with protection and comfort, it also brings in that cozy feeling you want from their indoor home!

Cut two equal-sized pieces of wood about 3-4 inches shorter than length/high requirements shown below:

Glued or nailed together using nails placed at intervals depending upon how sturdy they need be (I used screws since there was no lag time before putting them into use). Be sure not to over-tighten, as this may cause damage to the wood or cause cracking.

Install screws on outside edges of each leg, so when you place them diagonally across from one another, the screws will be on the inside and facing up.

You can make a cover for your DIY cat hammock by measuring out enough fabric so that it can wrap around your wooden frame with some extra room for sewing (I use an old sheet).

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Cardboard Box DIY Cat Hammock

Cardboard Box Diy Cat Hammock

What is more fun than a feline bundle of joy? This Cardboard Box DIY Cat Hammock will have your furry friend feeling right at home with you on vacation or even just cuddling up in bed.

Expand their world by giving them this unique gift that they can use anytime!

DIY Wooden Cat Shelf

Diy Cat Hammock Wall Shelf

What a great way to display and store your cat’s favorite things! This DIY wall shelf is perfect for holding their toys, sits in the corner of any room with ease.

The cats will love lounging on this soft fleece fabric while they play fetch or sleep soundly after a long day at work (or just because it feels good).

DIY Cat Hammock From A T-shirt

Diy Cat Hammock From A T-Shirt

This clever DIY cat hammock is made from a T-shirt. All you need are clothes hangers, sheets of paper towel or old blankets and some string!

The best part? Your furry friend can sleep in style without any hassle at all on their own private lounging spot – perfect for when they have an upset stomach from being outside too long during winter time.

Hanging Basket DIY Cat Hammock

Hanging Basket Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

This window hammock is a great way to keep your feline friend warm during those chilly winter months. Not only does it provide them with plenty of sun and shelter, but you can also hang up their favorite toys inside!

Wicker Chair DIY Cat Hammock

Wicker Chair Diy Cat Hammock

Wicker chair? Yes, the perfect place to relax with your feline friend. This DIY cat hammock is an excellent way for you and Meesta (or whatever name she prefers) to enjoy some lounging time together while enjoying all outdoors has in store!

What you need:

  • Wicker chair
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paint (optional)
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Staple gun and staples (optional)

Old Towel Cozy Cat Hammock

Old Towel Diy Cat Hammock

This is definitely one of the most creative and witty DIYs we’ve seen. It’s perfect for cuddling with in front yard or beach area where it can serve as both sun shade and playtime companion.

You’ll need: Old towel (or any soft fabric), rope or string, scissors and cat toy. A piece of cardboard cut into an oval shape is also helpful for making sure all edges are even when sewing them together later on, but unnecessary if you’re feeling confident about doing so without one!

Simple DIY Cat Hammock

Curtains As Diy Cat Hammocks

The curtains in your home may be the perfect fabric for a cat hammock. They are usually lightweight, easy to clean and take up less space than other types of pet houses or kennels that cats can get into trouble with because they’re so open-ended perfect if you have multiple cats.

There are a few different ways to make a DIY cat hammock out of curtains. One way is to simply drape them over a sturdy piece of furniture that’s at least as high as your cat’s shoulder height. You can also use curtain rods or tension rods to create more of an enclosed space for your kitty.

If you have a sewing machine, you can make a more elaborate hammock by sewing two panels of fabric together and adding some loops or ties on the top and bottom so it can be hung from a hook or beam.

Bed Sheet DIY Cat Hammock

Bed Sheet Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

This is the perfect place for your cat to curl up and sleep! You can even use it as a shelter when they’re not feeling comfortable in their own home.

A bed sheet made from DIY materials may be all you need. Just think about how happy that little furry friend will feel during those winter months with its very own “hammock”.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started on your very own DIY cat hammock! It’s an easy project that is sure to be a hit with both you and your feline friend.

Pillowcase DIY Cat Hammock

Pillowcase Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

With a pillowcase and striped ribbon, you’ll have yourself the cutest cat hammock around. You can even make one for your dog if they like sleeping outside as much as their humans do!

How to make it:

Step One: Cut the bottom of your pillowcase off, about 12 inches up. This will be the part that wraps around the tree or post.

Step Two: Next, tie one end of each piece together so that they’re secure when stuffed.

Step Three: Tie the ribbon around a sturdy post or tree and then tie the other ends of the fabric together. Make sure it’s tight so your cat can’t wriggle out!

Step Four: Hang your DIY cat hammock and enjoy watching your feline friend relax in the sun or nap in the breeze. And if you have a dog, they’ll love sleeping outside on a nice, soft hammock just as much as your cat will!

Rope DIY Cat Hammock

Rope Diy Cat Hammock

This cat hammock is a great way to keep your furry friend cool and happy. The rope frame allows them to stretch out, while the mesh walls provide ample space for scratching!

What you’ll need:

  • Rope (at least 15 feet long)
  • Scissors
  • Wood pieces

Basket DIY Cat Hammock

Basket Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

Why not use a basket to keep your cat entertained and relaxed? This is perfect for when you’re not home, or if the room gets too hot. It will feel like hanging in an indoor jungle with all of these fun toys.

The hanging DIY cat bed can be easily attached to the ceiling and is available in different sizes so you can choose one that fits your space.

Macrame Cat Hammock

Macrame Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

Macrame is all the rage right now, and you can get in on that action with these DIY cat hammocks. The pattern used for macrame involves simple knots, which makes it easy enough to try out new designs or refinements as needed.

Just be careful not to make the hammock too tight, as your cat will need some wiggle room to get in and out. The cushion will make it as a cozy cat nap.

What you’ll need:

  • Dowel rod
  • Cotton rope
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Wooden beads
  • Small cushion

Yarn DIY Cat Hammock

Yarn Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

The soft material feels great against the animal’s skin, which is usually nervous due to confined spaces or strangers touching them often enough for pets that are not used to being touched by humans.

The felines enjoy laying on this cozy knotted macrame cord trend as if it worth be another furry cushion at home.

Sheet Of Plywood DIY Cat Hammock

Sheet Of Plywood Diy Cat Hammock

This cat hammock is a great way to keep your furry friend comfortable and busy during those cold winter days! The plywood sheets can be cut with an electric laser cutter or Swiss Army Knife.

Just make sure you measure carefully before starting so that it fits into the space where desired, then attach ropes at each end for climbing ability.

Window Sill DIY Cat Hammock

Window Sill Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

Window sills are a great place to house your cat. This DIY hammock will not only keep them dry and warm in winter, but it’s also perfect for lounging around with during sweaty summer days.

DIY Simple Cat Tree

Tree Branch Diy Cat Hammock

Tree branches are a great material for making cat hammocks. All you need to do is first cut off the end of one branch, then add an extra lengthwise wrap around it so there’s no gap at all between where your kitty sits and where she rests her paws on top. Secure this with bailing wire or staples if necessary. You can also make them more elaborate by adding additional “bridges” across various branches. These will provide plenty of fun places for Tuxie (or other feline) friendzoo!

Furniture Leg DIY Cat Hammock

Furniture Leg Diy Cat Hammock

Cat furniture made of legs can be an interesting and creative project for people with a knack in woodworking. You will need basic tools like drills, planes or saws along the power drill gun to cut out shapes from different types of manufactured materials which you may have at home already. It’s best not to use your handmade item on public transport though because they could cause injury!

The first step in creating your own DIY cat hammock is to find a suitable piece of wood. If you have an old chair with four legs, then that would work perfectly fine too! You could also use two pieces from different chairs if they’re both sturdy enough for heavy cats (or kittens).

Cabinet Door DIY Cat Hammock

Cabinet Door Diy Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

Why not use your cabinet door as a cat hammock? It’s the perfect storage solution for all those pesky small items that always seem to find their way into our kitchens and living rooms. This DIY project only takes minutes, so give it some thought before jumping right in with this great new uses for old furniture!

What you’ll need:

  • An unused cabinet door
  • Stapler or hot glue gun
  • Measuring tape or ruler

Hanging Plant DIY Cat Hammocks

Hanging Plant DIY Cat Hammock
Source: Pinterest

We’ve all had those days where we need to take our minds off of what’s going on around us. Maybe you’re in a meeting, or just can’t seem to find any peace and quiet at home, so why not create that exclusive cat hammock? This hanging plant DIY will give everyone the perfect place for relaxation without having too much trouble with installation. Attach the hanging hammock to the rod that is beautified by the vines beside it.

Final Thought

Cats love to lounge and we hope you’ll find one of these DIY cat hammocks that will work perfectly for your feline friend.