The peninsula is increasingly becoming a popular option in kitchen design. As far as kitchen design goes, the peninsula is becoming more and more popular. This is likely because it provides extra counter space and can be used for dining or extra storage. If you’re considering a peninsula for your kitchen, make sure to consult with a professional to see if it’s the right fit for your space.

For example, a peninsula can make your kitchen feel more open and spacious. It can also be used as an eating area or a bar.

In this blog post, we will show you 30 best modern kitchen peninsula designs that will make you want to update your own kitchen.

1. Best Modern Kitchen Peninsula: Keep it Simple

Simple Modern Kitchen Peninsula

A peninsula kitchen typically has an open layout, with the kitchen brown island serving as a natural divider between the cooking and dining areas. This setup is perfect for entertaining, as it allows guests to chat with the chef while dinner is being prepared.

And since peninsula kitchens are typically smaller than traditional kitchen layouts, they’re also more efficient and easier to navigate.

2. Sleek and Shiny Kitchen Peninsula

Sleek and Shiny Kitchen Peninsula

You can get a sleek and shiny kitchen peninsula that will make your kitchen look like a million bucks. The best part is, it’s not that hard to do. All you need is a little bit of elbow grease and some patience.

First, you’ll need to sand down the area where you want to put your kitchen peninsula. Once that’s done, you can either paint it or put a new coat of varnish on it. Then, all you need to do is add some new hardware.

You can either buy new hardware or just use some old hardware that you have around the house. Just make sure that it matches the rest of the hardware in your kitchen. After that, all you need to do is sit back and admire your new kitchen peninsula.

3. Kitchen Peninsula with a View

Kitchen Peninsula with a View

There’s nothing more tranquil than preparing a meal while surrounded by a beautiful view. That’s why a kitchen peninsula with a view is the perfect addition to any home. Whether you have a countertop that overlooks a stunning mountain range or an oven that gives you a perfect view of the city skyline, a kitchen peninsula can help you make the most of your surroundings.

In addition to providing a lovely view, a kitchen peninsula can also be a great way to create more space in a small kitchen. By adding a few extra feet of counter space, a peninsula can give you the room you need to prepare meals without feeling cramped.

4. Traditional Kitchen Peninsula

Traditional Kitchen Peninsula

This type of peninsula is usually L-shaped or U-shaped, with the open end providing extra space for dining or entertaining. Kitchen peninsulas are a great way to make your kitchen more functional and efficient, and they can also add style and character to the space.

In addition, many people find that having a peninsula allows them to interact with guests while still preparing food.

5. Rustic Kitchen Peninsula 

Rustic Kitchen Peninsula 

A rustic kitchen peninsula can add a touch of charm to any kitchen. The exposed joinery adds an extra touch of character to this piece, while the clear coat helps to protect it from moisture and wear. The rustic kitchen peninsula also includes the concrete countertop, making it the perfect place tp keep some hot pots and exposing the natural look of the kitchen.

6. Industrial Kitchen Peninsula

Industrial Kitchen Peninsula

A modern industrial kitchen peninsula can add a touch of luxury to any home. The sleek lines and minimalist design of a modern industrial kitchen peninsula are perfect for those who want a stylish and functional kitchen.

The island provides plenty of prep space and storage, while the cooktop and sink are conveniently located on the perimeter of the peninsula. The raised bar top is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a quick meal.

7. Kitchen Peninsula for Two with Extra Storage

Kitchen Peninsula for Two with Extra Storage

This peninsula has two sinks, two dishwashers, and two microwaves. It also has two stoves, two ovens, and two refrigerators. There is plenty of space for two people to cook, eat, and entertain.

On the other side, with two levels of counter space, a kitchen peninsula allows two people to work side-by-side without getting in each other’s way. And with plenty of storage space underneath, you can keep all your pots, pans, and ingredients close at hand.

8. Kitchen Peninsula with a Twist

Kitchen Peninsula with a Twist

A twisty kitchen peninsula is perfect for small spaces because it offers all the benefits of a traditional Peninsula with a smaller footprint. Plus, the twists and turns add visual interest and can help to break up an otherwise monotonous space.

The twisting effect has been achieved by using two different materials for the top and bottom halves of the peninsula. The lower half is made from a wood with the darker shade, while the top half is made from a light-colored marble. This creates a visual contrast that helps to add depth and dimension to the space.

The use of different materials also adds texture, making the surface more interesting to touch and look at. And because the marble is heat resistant, it’s also the perfect surface for a hotplate or electric stove.

9. Kitchen Peninsula with a Pop of Color

Kitchen peninsula with pop of color

A kitchen peninsula can add both style and functionality to your kitchen. If you’re looking to make a statement, choose an eye-catching color for your peninsula.

A pop of color is sure to turn heads and brighten up your space. Plus, it’s a great way to add personality to your kitchen. If you’re not ready for such a bold look, consider painting just the base of your peninsula or adding color with accessories.

10. Whimsical Kitchen Peninsula with Patterned Tiles Countertop

Whimsical Kitchen Peninsula with Patterned Tiles Countertop

A sense of whimsy can be achieved by incorporating colorful tile or glass accents into the design. You can use patterned tiles on the backsplash or countertop.

You can find tiles in just about any pattern imaginable, so you’re sure to find something that fits your style. Another option is to use brightly colored paint or wallpaper on the walls behind the peninsula. This will add a pop of color and make the space feel more lively.

11. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Peninsula

modern farmhouse kitchen peninsula

This hut-like structure provides an extra countertop and storage space in the kitchen, while also serving as a visual focal point. The typical farmhouse kitchen peninsula is made of  wood, with a textured finish that evokes the look of a rustic barn.

But modern variations of this design can be found in all sorts of materials, from stainless steel to natural stone.

12. Glamorous and Smart Design Kitchen Peninsula

Glamorous and Smart Design Kitchen Peninsula

For a luxe look, consider using marble or granite for your countertop. If you want something a little more relaxed, try using butcher block or concrete.

And for added storage, consider adding cabinets or shelves beneath the countertop. You can also use the space beneath the peninsula for additional seating.

13. Eclectic Kitchen Peninsula

Eclectic Kitchen Peninsula

The sleek, minimalist design is perfect for small spaces, while the built-in storage and prep station make it a great workhorse for busy cooks. The neutral color palette keeps the space feeling bright and airy, while the stainless steel appliances give it a modern edge. Best of all, the peninsula can be easily customize to suit your specific needs.

14. Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

Mid-century modern kitchen peninsula style offers clean lines, a simple aesthetic, and functionality that works well in today’s busy lifestyles. The basic layout consists of a long countertop with cabinets on one side and an open space on the other.

This design is perfect for small kitchens as it makes the most of available space. The open space can be used for dining, entertaining, or simply as extra prep space when cooking.

15. Scandi-Chic Kitchen Peninsula

Scandi-Chic Kitchen Peninsula

Inspired by the clean lines and simple aesthetic of Scandinavian design, this kitchen peninsula is perfect for those who want to add a touch of chic to their space. It features the matching barstools that complete the look.

The white finish and natural wood color of the countertop ensure that this kitchen peninsula will match any décor, while the natural wood details add a touch of warmth.

16. Boho-Glam Kitchen Peninsula

Boho-Glam Kitchen Peninsula

Boho-glam style is all about mixing different textures, patterns, and colors to create a one-of-a-kind look. For your kitchen peninsula, start with a base of neutral colors like white or gray. Then, add in some fun pops of color with the kitchen appliances, backsplash tiles, or storage containers.

To really bring the boho-glam look together, incorporate lots of different textures throughout the space. Consider adding a jute rug, wicker baskets, or even silk curtains.

17. Coastal Cool Kitchen Peninsula

Coastal Cool Kitchen Peninsula

This kitchen peninsula is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing meal or snack while taking in the beautiful scenery. If you’re looking for a relaxing kitchen peninsula, then look no further than the coastal cool kitchen peninsula.

With the beautiful ocean views, you’ll be sure to enjoy your meal or snack while enjoying the scenery. On the other side, you need to consider to choose the bright colors for peninsula so that it will look more attractive and catchier.

18. Old Hollywood Glamour Kitchen Peninsula

Old Hollywood Glamour Kitchen Peninsula

To get the full Hollywood glamour effect, opt for a peninsula with plenty of storage space and an elegant countertop. Then, add some glam touches like copper pots and pans hanging from a pot rack, or display your best china in a glass-front cabinet.

Don’t forget about finishes like vintage light fixtures (perfectly placed over sinks) as well art deco hardware. It’ll give any kitchen that final touch needed to make it truly extraordinary.

19. Modern English Country Kitchen Peninsula

Modern English Country Kitchen Peninsula

This style of kitchen typically features a large peninsula, which is perfect for entertaining guests or preparing meals. The peninsula provides ample counter space for food prep, and it also serves as a natural divider between the kitchen and dining areas.

Modern English country kitchens often feature dark wood cabinets and marble countertops, creating a look that is both sleek and traditional.

20. Rustic French Country Kitchen Peninsula

Rustic French Country Kitchen Peninsula
Source: Instagram/ @littlerusticdream

The rustic French country kitchen peninsula is the perfect addition to any home. It has a simple, yet elegant design that is perfect for any kitchen. The peninsula is made of solid wood and has a beautiful dark finish on top and the softer paint underneath. It also features two drawers, which are perfect for storing utensils and other small items.

The peninsula is also equipped with a spice rack, which is perfect for keeping your spices organized.

21. Traditional Spanish Colonial Kitchen Peninsula

Traditional Spanish Colonial Kitchen Peninsula

The traditional Spanish Colonial kitchen peninsula is a separate work area that is attached to the main kitchen. This style of kitchen allows for more prep space and storage, as well as providing a place for family and guests to gather while meals are being prepared.

The peninsula typically features traditional Spanish elements such as a tiled backsplash, arched passageways, and wrought iron details. However, modern kitchens can also incorporate a peninsula without sacrificing style.

22. Moroccan-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Moroccan-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Bring a touch of Morocco to your kitchen with this stylish peninsula. The curved design is inspired by traditional Moroccan architecture, and the intricate tilework adds a colorful and exotic touch. The peninsula is also versatile, able to be used as both a countertop and a table.

And because it’s made from durable materials, it’s built to last. Hanging lanterns provide the perfect finishing touch, lending the space an exotic and inviting atmosphere.

23. Tropical Paradise Kitchen Peninsula

Tropical Paradise Kitchen Peninsula

With its tropical atmosphere, the Tropical Paradise Kitchen Peninsula is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. The kitchen peninsula features a variety of tropical plants, including palm trees, hibiscus flowers, and bougainvillea vines.

The countertop is made of granite, and the cabinets are made of mahogany. The backsplash is made of mosaic tile, and the floors are made of bamboo. The kitchen peninsula also features a built-in stove, a sink, and a dishwasher.

24. Asian-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Asian-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Inspired by the clean lines and simple aesthetic of Asian design, this kitchen peninsula makes a bold statement without overwhelming the space. When designing an Asian-inspired peninsula island, look for features such as clean lines, simple hardware, and natural materials.

For added flair, try incorporating some traditional Asian elements such as bamboo or lanterns, or you

25. Art Deco-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Art Deco-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

The stainless steel countertop is smooth and cool to the touch, while the white marble backsplash adds a touch of luxury. The clean lines and simple shapes create a look that is both modern and timeless. Perfect for entertaining or simply preparing a meal, this kitchen peninsula is sure to make a statement in any home.

To achieve this look, start with a statement piece like a white countertop. Then, add some eye-catching hardware, like brass drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Finally, use color to create contrast and visual interest. For instance, keep the natural color of the wood to make it look fabulous.

26. Hollywood Regency-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Hollywood Regency-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

This kitchen peninsula is inspired by Hollywood Regency style. It features a marble countertop, brass hardware, and an open shelving unit. The peninsula provides extra counter space and storage, and it can be used as a breakfast nook or workstation.

The Hollywood Regency style is known for its glamour and sophistication, and this kitchen peninsula brings that same style to your home.

27. French Provincial-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

French Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

This kitchen peninsula can give your kitchen an elegant and stylish look. It is important to note that a kitchen peninsula is not the same thing as an island. You can choose to paint it in a light or dark color, or you can stain it to match the rest of your kitchen cabinets. You can also choose to add decorative molding or carvings to the edges of the peninsula.

28. Italianate Villa-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Italianate Villa-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

This kitchen peninsula features similar elements, but it has been updated for 21st century living. However, the most important element of this kitchen is the central island, which was inspired by the courtyards of Italianate villas.

This island provides a gathering place for family and friends, and it also serves as a prep area for meals. In addition, the island is illuminated by a beautiful chandelier, making it the perfect spot for entertaining.

29. Scandinavian Minimalism-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Scandinavian Minimalism-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

Characterized by clean lines and a focus on simplicity, this style is all about maximizing function while minimizing clutter. The sleek white countertop and cabinets provide plenty of storage space, while the open shelves allow you to display your beautiful dishes.

The hexagonal backsplash complete the look, and the hardwood floors give the space a warm and inviting feel.

30. California Cool-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

California Cool-Inspired Kitchen Peninsula

This kitchen peninsula was inspired by the California cool style. The countertops are made of white quartz and the cabinets are a light grey. Inspired by the cool, laid-back vibe of California living, this type of peninsula typically features clean lines and ample counter space.

Start by choosing a light and airy color palette. Then, add in some natural elements like plants or reclaimed wood. Finally, don’t forget to install some storage solutions so you can keep all of your new kitchen gear organized.

Peninsula kitchens are becoming increasingly popular due to their sleek, modern design and versatility. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, or are just curious about what’s trending in kitchen design, take a look at these 30 beautiful peninsula kitchens. We’re sure you’ll be inspired!