If you’re looking for a way to add some life and freshness to your living space, look no further than these DIY hanging herb garden ideas! Not only will they help you save on space, but they’ll also add an element of beauty and style that can be hard to come by. Plus, nothing beats the taste of homegrown herbs.

One of the great things about DIY hanging herb gardens is that there are so many ways to go about it. You can use a variety of containers, from pots and planters to baskets and buckets.

You can also choose from a variety of plants, depending on your needs and preferences. Herbs like basil, thyme, and mint are great beginner plants because they’re easy to grow and don’t require much care.

So get inspired, get creative, and start gardening!

1. Hanging Herb Garden in Kitchen

Hanging Herb Garden In Kitchen
Source: Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to create a DIY hanging herb garden is to repurpose an old kitchen utensil. Try using a colander to create a wonderful herb garden. This is an awesome project for those who have limited space in their kitchens, as the herbs can be hung directly above the kitchen sink. The colander can be found at most thrift stores, and it will make a great hanging planter for your herbs.

2. Hanging Garden in Bathroom

Hanging Herb Garden In Bathroom
Source: remodelaholic.com

Another great place to hang the jar herb garden is in the bathroom. This is a wonderful idea for those who love to cook and want easy access to their fresh herbs while they are in the bath or shower. There are many ways that you can create a hanging garden in your bathroom. You can use a shower caddy, a tension rod, or even a wire basket.

3. Hanging Shelves Herb Garden

Hanging Shelves Herb Garden
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DIY hanging shelves herb garden can be such a great option for you to consider. Just like this DIY vertical herb garden using two pallet wood and some hooks, you will have your own DIY hanging wooden shelf in no time. It would be a perfect spot to grow your favorite herb as well as other plants and it will not take up any counter space!

4. Window Herb Planter Garden

Window Herb Planter Garden
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One of the simplest DIY hanging herb garden ideas is to use a window planter box. This can easily be attached to the side of your house or building, or even hung from a tree branch. All you need is a few simple supplies and you’re ready to start growing herbs!


  • Wooden box
  • Natural rope
  • Drill with a bit the size of your screws + screwdriver
  • Sanding block and stain (optional)

5. Hanging Herb Garden using Cups

Hanging Herb Garden Using Cups
Source: livinator.com

One fun DIY hanging herb garden idea is to use cups. You can either buy or reuse old ones. Just poke some small holes in the bottom of each cup and then thread through some twine or string. Tie a knot at the end, and you’re ready to hang your herb garden!

6. Plastic Bottle Hanging Herb Garden

Plastic Bottle Hanging Herb Garden
Source: Pinterest

Start with a plastic bottle and cut it into half. Use the upper part to create hanging herb garden. Cut some holes on its base and place soil in each hole, then plant herbs, flower or succulents in them. Hang your DIY hanging herb garden above the windowsill so that all herbs can get enough sunlight.

7. Herb Baskets in Kitchen

Herb Baskets In Kitchen
Source: nicolastocken.com

If you have a window in your kitchen that gets plenty of sunlight, why not use it to grow herbs? All you need are a few herb baskets and some plants. You can find these baskets at most home improvement stores or online. Just be sure to get ones that are made for outdoor use, as they will be able to withstand the elements.

You can either hang the baskets from your window or place them on a shelf nearby. Just be sure to water and fertilize the plants regularly, as they will need plenty of nutrients to thrive in this environment.

8. DIY Pallet Vertical Planter

DIY Pallet Vertical Garden With Herbs
Source: Pinterest

This DIY pallet vertical garden idea will help you to bring the beauty of fresh flair into your living space while keeping it simple and easy. The diy pallet vertical herb garden comes with built-in planters that are made from used wood pieces and then assembled together so they form a tall rectangular shape. Best of all, you can plant whatever herbs you like in the herb garden and they will thrive! Rosemary, thyme, basil and mint are some great options to consider.

9. Hanging Pots for Indoor Herb Gardens

Fresh Kitchen Herbs To Grow
Fresh Kitchen Herbs To Grow | Source: homesfeed.com

Create your own indoor hanging herb garden by drilling a hole in the bottom of each pot and threading rope or twine through them. Make sure to knot it securely on either side so that you can hang them up as shown here. It’s a great way to display pretty herb pots throughout your home, but also has the added benefit of providing you with fresh herb whenever you need them. These are perfect for the kitchen or dining room area and they’re so easy to make, too!

10. Wall Mounted Planter Boxes for Indoor Garden from Old Drawers

Wall Mounted Planter Boxes For Indoor Herb Gardens From Old Drawers
Source: lollyjane.com

If you are looking for DIY hanging herb garden ideas, consider this one as well. This project is quite easy and perfect if you want to grow herbs indoors. Just prepare an old drawer that has a flat back on it, wall mounting hardware and some pots with soil and plants in them. You will also need a drill, level, and screwdriver.

First, use the level to make sure your drawer is straight before drilling two pilot holes in each end of the back. Next, attach the mounting brackets using the screws that come with them. Now you can place your plants in their pots and insert them into the drawer. Hang it up on your wall and you are done.

11. DIY Wooden Ladder Vertical Garden with Hanging Planters

Diy Wooden Ladder Vertical Garden With Hanging Planters
Source: Pinterest

This rustic ladder vertical garden is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of farmhouse charm to their home. The best part is that it’s easy to make–all you need is a wooden ladder, some chains or rope, and some hanging planters. The DIY hanging herb garden ideas is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Just make sure you’re using a wood sealant so it can survive the elements!

12. DIY Hanging Herb Garden from an Old Pallet

Diy Hanging Herb Garden From An Old Pallet
Source: Pinterest

There are many ways to DIY a hanging herb garden and an old pallet are a great way to start. This tutorial walks you through the steps of creating a beautiful hanging herb garden from an old pallet.

A couple of things you need to pay attention to:

  • It’s important that you choose a pallet with no holes in the bottom. If there are, hammer them into place so your soil won’t leak out.
  • Make sure your herbs get enough water by spraying them daily and putting a layer of mulch over the soil.
  • Make your own hanging herb garden in just a few hours using an old pallet. This is perfect for the patio, porch or even hung up on a wall inside your home!
  • The best thing about this project is that they have so much versatility and can be used practically anywhere in the house.
  • It is easy enough to follow and makes a great DIY project for those who want to get started with DIY gardening.

13. Hanging Succulents and Herbs mounted on the Wall in Kitchen

Hanging Succulents And Herbs Mounted On The Wall In Kitchen
Source: Pinterest

A DIY hanging herb garden will give you a lot of benefits, especially if you are a kitchen enthusiast who loves cooking or baking. You can get the fresh herb from your herb garden anytime you need them to make various types of dishes and drinks. And DIY hanging herb garden will also improve the aesthetic value of your house’s interior decoration. You can make herb garden by repurposing some unused items or things that you already have in your home.

14. Garden on the Balcony Using Mason Jar

Garden On The Balcony Using Jars
Source: hative.com

If you have a small balcony, using jars as holders for your hanging herb garden is a great way to go. All you need are some mason jars, hooks and some potting soil. Drill a few holes in the lids of the jars and then screw the hooks into place on the railing or wall of your balcony. Fill each mason jar with potting soil and plant your herb seeds or seedlings. Hang the jars from their hooks and you have a pretty little garden that takes up very little space.

15. Terracotta Pot Herb Garden in Kitchen Window sill

Terracotta Pot Herb Garden In Kitchen Window Sill
Source: Pinterest

This DIY herb garden idea is so simple to make. You will need some terracotta pots and hanging wire baskets. They are made to fit on a kitchen windowsill. The herbs will need plenty of sunlight, so this is a great spot for them. You can grow rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme and chives. This is a great way to have fresh herbs on hand for cooking any time that you need them.

16. DIY Herb Garden in a Pallet Planter Box

Diy Herb Garden In A Pallet Planter Box
Source: www.architectureartdesigns.com

A garden is a place of great peace and tranquility and DIY hanging herb garden ideas. These projects are a lot easier to maintain than you might think.

Vertical gardens are perfect for small spaces, as they make use of all the space available to them. You can hang them on a wall or from the ceiling.

17. Herb Garden Ideas with Pots and Planters

Herb Garden Ideas With Pots And Planters
Source: balconygardenweb.com

If you want to create a DIY herb garden that is portable, then using pots and planters is the way to go. There are all sorts of different pot and planter sizes, shapes, and materials available on the market these days. You can find something to fit any style and space! Plus, if you ever get tired of your herb garden, or if you want to move it to a different spot in your home, pots and planters are very easy to relocate.

18. Wooden Shelf for Indoor Herb Garden with Potted Plants

Wooden Shelf For Indoor Herb Garden With Potted Plants
Source: ebay.com

A wooden shelf is a great way to create an indoor herb garden. You can hang it on the wall or place it on a countertop. This DIY hanging herb garden idea is perfect for small spaces. Consider hanging it on the wall or place it on a countertop, which would be perfect for your small space.

19. Hanging Glass Bottle Herb Garden

Hanging Glass Bottle Herb Garden
Source: Pinterest

It’s simple, yet eye-catching and adds a touch of elegance to any living space. Plus, it’s easy to make! All you need are some empty glass bottles, soil, plants, and a little creativity.

This project is a great way to add some greenery to your home, and it’s even easier than you think. Follow these easy steps:

  • Remove the lids from each bottle and wash them out with soap water.
  • Fill the bottom of each bottle with soil (use any kind of dirt).
  • Plant your herbs in the bottles (make sure they’re not too tall).
  • Hang them up on a wall for everyone to see!

20. Cup and Saucer Hanging Herb Garden

Cup And Saucer Hanging Herb Garden
Source: www.carterskitchenion.com

This DIY hanging herb garden is perfect for small spaces. All you need is a few cups and saucers, some potting soil, and your favorite herbs! All you need is a few cups and saucers, some potting soil, and your favorite herbs!

21. Hanging Basket with Herbs

Hanging Basket With Herbs
Source: Pinterest

These potted herbs are perfect if you have limited space in your house. You can hang it on the windowsill or near your kitchen sink. It’s not only practical but also looks beautiful. You can use it as a decoration around your house. It’s easy to make and the materials are not expensive at all.

22. Window Boxes for Indoor Herb Gardens

Window Boxes For Indoor Herb Gardens
Source: Pinterest

Window boxes are a great option for an indoor herb garden idea because they can be attached to a window and get plenty of sunlight. You can either buy or make your own window box, and there are many styles to choose from. If you have limited space in your kitchen, this is a great way to add some herbs to your cooking repertoire. The best part about this DIY project is that you can create as many window box herb gardens as you like inexpensively.

23. DIY Herb Garden in Wooden Boxes

Diy Herb Garden In Wooden Boxes
Source: housetodecor.com

If you want to DIY your herb garden, then this idea is perfect for you. Get some wooden boxes and drill small holes in the bottom of each one. Then fill them with soil and plant your herbs. The best part about this project is that you can move the boxes around as needed so that your herbs get the sunlight they need. It’s a project that can be completed in just one afternoon and it will look beautiful on your patio or even indoors.

24. Garden on the Balcony

Garden On The Balcony
Source: Pinterest

If you have a balcony, turn it into a garden! You can hang pots or baskets of herbs and plants from your railing or hooks on the wall. This is a great way to save space in your garden, and you can still enjoy the freshness of plants right outside your door.

25. Hanging Herb Garden using Old Tires

Hanging Herb Garden Using Old Tires
Source: Pinterest

The project is easy and only requires a few basic supplies that you may already have on hand. All you need to do is drill some holes in the bottom of the tires, fill them with soil, and then plant your herbs. You can hang them from a porch or from a tree. If you have some old tires lying around, don’t throw them away! Turn them into DIY hanging herb garden instead and enjoy fresh herbs all year long!

26. Upcycled Wooden Spool Herb Planter

Upcycled Wooden Spool Herb Planter
Source: www.palletsideas.com

Wooden spools are very popular in DIY projects and there are a huge number of ways to upcycle them. Here is an example of DIY hanging herb garden with wooden spools.

  • Choose the wood planters and take a piece of wood that is large enough for the herbs you want to plant there;
  • Cut down into strips. Each strip will be one planter;
  • Drill holes in each strip so that they can be hung;
  • Fill it up with soil, put some plants in it and hang them up!

27. DIY Vertical Garden with Plastic Bottles

Vertical Garden With Plastic Bottles
Source: Pinterest

This DIY hanging herb garden repurposes used plastic bottles and uses them to create a vertical gardening. The project is super easy with only few steps needed and it will save you money as well because you don’t have to spend too much on the materials.

You can also easily customize this DIY wall herb garden according to your preferences by arranging the planters in different shapes or patterns, such as heart-shaped, square, circle, etc.

28. Herb Garden in Hanging Baskets on Kitchen Wall

Herb Garden In Hanging Baskets On Kitchen Wall
Source: aliexpress.com

If you have a little extra space on your kitchen wall, why not utilize hanging baskets to create a herb garden? Not only will this add some greenery and life to the room, but it will also make it easier for you to access your herbs when cooking.

For example, if you know that you’ll need fresh basil often in your recipes, it’s best to plant it right next to your stove!

29. A Frame turned into a Vertical Herb Garden

A Frame Turned Into A Vertical Herb Garden
Source: oregonlive.com

If you have a couple of A-frame ladders, put them to good use with this DIY hanging herb garden idea. You will get a beautiful vertical herb garden without costing much. All you need is a few wooden boards, some screws, and plants of your choice.

30. PVC Pipe Hanging Herb Planter

Pvc Pipe Hanging Herb Planter
Source: www.lushome.com

This DIY PVC pipe hanging herb planter is a very innovative idea to decorate your living room wall. The vases are made from PVC pipes and attached together with the help of hooks on the wooden plank. You can grow a variety of herbs in these vases and also add some pretty flowers to enhance the look.

31. Tension Rod as a Window Sill Herb Garden

Tension Rod As A Window Sill Herb Garden
Source: hgtv.com

If you’re looking for a DIY hanging herb garden idea that doesn’t require any nails or screws, try using a tension rod. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space on your windowsill. If you’re looking for a DIY hanging herb garden idea that doesn’t require any nails or screws, try using a tension rod. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space on your windowsill.

Final Thought

If you are looking for a fun, new way to garden and want to try your hand at a hanging herb garden, these ideas will get you started.

Be sure to experiment with different plants, herbs, and containers to find what works best for you. With a little bit of creativity and some elbow grease, you can have a lush herb garden that adds beauty and flavor to your home.