Archery is a fun and challenging sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced archer, practicing on various targets is essential to improving your skills.

And what better way to do that than make your archery targets?

This blog post will provide you with 18 different DIY target ideas that will help you hone your skills while also saving you money!

1. Large DIY Archery Target

Large Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most popular options for an archery target. All you need is a large piece of plywood and some old clothes or blankets.

If you want to get a little more creative, you can use spray paint to create a fun design on your target. This is a great option if you’re going to practice your archery skills in style!

2. Shape The Foam Target

Foam Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

One of the reasons this is a popular material for foam archery targets is that it is lightweight, easy to work with, and relatively inexpensive.

Cut the foam pieces as you wish and form them into your desired shape. This kind of 3D target will be such an interesting target.

You can add a layer of spray foam to get a better look.

To make this target, you will need:

  • Foamboard
  • Knife
  • Archery arrows
  • Duct tape

3. Upcycle The Tires

Tire Diy Archery Target

This is a very popular homemade archery target for a few reasons. First, it’s easy to make and doesn’t require many materials or construction time.

Second, it’s highly versatile and can be used to simulate a wide range of real-world targets. Finally, it’s affordable. You can find old tires free or cheaply at most junkyards or auto parts stores.

4. Fill In The Plastic Bottle

Water Bottle Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

This is an excellent target for improving your accuracy. Take an empty water bottle and cut out the center with a sharp knife.

Then, fill the bottle with sand or rocks to provide some stability. This target is perfect for practicing at home since you can easily replace the bottle when it becomes damaged.

5. Dryer Sheet DIY Archery Target

Dryer Sheet Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

This is a really simple and cheap DIY archery target to make. You’ll need an old dryer sheet, tape, and a wood stand. First, cut the dryer sheet into four or five rectangular pieces. Then fold each piece in half and secure it with some tape.

That’s it! You can use these targets at home or even take them to the range.

Dryer sheets are a great material for targets because they’re soft and absorbent. They also leave a slight residue on your arrows, making cleanup a lot easier.

6. Pool Noodle DIY Archery Target

Pool Noodle Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

You can make this target easily and cheaply with some pool noodles. Stack the pool noodles on top of each other and secure them with zip ties.

This is a great option if you want a moveable target that you can set up and take down easily. Plus, it’s perfect for practicing your aim since the noodles will swing when you hit them.

7. Hold It Using PVC

Pvc Pipe Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

This simple and easy-to-make target will only take you a few minutes to put together. All you need is a PVC pipe. Cut the PVC pipe into four equal sections, then use the joints to secure them together. You can then use this as your target.

Hang the bag target on the PVC and get ready to practice in your backyard.

8. Attach The Balloons To The Target

Balloon Diy Archery Target

For those looking for a way to save money and recycle old materials, this is another great option.

All you need is a balloon and some tape. First, make sure the balloon is inflated, then use the tape to secure it to a sturdy surface. Once it has been secured, you can begin to shoot.

When the balloons are hit, the balloons will pop, resulting in an enjoyable and exciting game.

9. Bring The Shoe Box To The Yard

Diy Box Archery Target

This is a really simple target to make, and all you need is an old shoebox, duct tape, and paper. First, cut a hole in the top of the shoebox big enough for your arrows to fit through.

Next, line the inside of the box with duct tape to make it more durable. Finally, fill the container with crumpled paper and shoot at the target.

10. Standing DIY Archery Target

Standing Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

In terms of the type of target that people use regularly, this is the most prevalent type.

One of the easiest ways to make this type of target is by simply taking an old piece of plywood and screwing it into a stand. However, there are many other ways to make it as well.

With a little bit of creativity and scrap materials, you can easily create this inexpensive homemade target.

11. Hang The Target

Hanging Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

This is an easy archery target to make and only requires a few supplies that you may already have around the house.

Create the ball target, wrap it with the black fabric, and then create the yellow hint.

To start, you will need a soccer ball or another round ball. Cut a circular piece out of black fabric that is slightly larger than the ball. Hot glue the material to the ball and let it dry.

Next, make the target. Opt for the yellow paint for an eye-catching target. After all, hang the target on the ceiling.

12. Crossbow DIY Archery Target

Crossbow Diy Archery Target

It would help if you had some cardboard, duct tape, and a few other materials, and you’re good to go.

To make the target, you’ll want to start by cutting out a large square or rectangle from the cardboard. The size will depend on how big an area you want to shoot at, but something around 18×18 inches should work well.

Once you have your target shape cut out, take some duct tape and attach four pieces to the back corners.

13. Upcycle The Unused Cardboard

Cheap Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

When looking for a cheap and easy DIY archery target, using a cardboard box is the perfect solution.

All you need to make a small target is a cardboard box and an arrow. Cut out an opening on one side of the box big enough for your arrow to fit through, and then use the inside of the box as your target area. The box can be taped to a piece of plywood for added stability.

14. Carpet Archery Target

Carpet Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

Repurposing old carpeting is a great alternative if you have a lot of it lying around. Instead of using it for flooring, you can use it as a target practice area for shooting.

If you have a huge piece of carpet, cut it into a square or rectangle and use it as a target.

Ensure that you have the backing facing up so the arrows will adhere to the back properly.

15. The Blue Puzzle Mats

Diy Mat Archery Target

This is a very simple and easy DIY archery target to make. All you need is some foam mats. You can make any shape you want with these puzzle mats. But the easiest way to make it work is by stacking them together and hanging them on the PVC pipe.

To start, you need to find a good spot for your target. Make sure the ground is flat, and there is plenty of room for you to shoot. You don’t want any obstacles in the way that could cause you to miss your shot.

16. Wood DIY Archery Target

Wood Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

You can make a lovely backdrop for your target using pine wood in one day, and it is very easy to make.

To create an authentic-looking scene, place the burlap cloth against the sturdy material and staple it to make a structural foundation.

Additionally, you can cover the target face by using a piece of paper target or a plastic sheet.

17. Move It Whenever You Wish

Portable Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for something that can easily be transported, then this is an excellent option for you. It would help if you had a piece of plywood, some stakes for keeping it in place, and a few hours.

It is no doubt that it can be a good option for you if you want to make a proper bag target to hone your archery skills.

18. Deal With The Limited Area

Small Diy Archery Target
Source: Pinterest

If you’re short on space or want to save money, this target is perfect for your needs. All that’s needed are some nails and an old piece of wood!

Also, it will sharpen your shooting skills with this small target.

19. The Stacked Straw

The Stacked Straw
Source: Pinterest

You can make your archery targets from anything in the house, like straw! It’s a great idea for an activity that requires little equipment and only takes minutes. You might want to think about what shape would be most interesting – hearts or stars, maybe?

Archery is a fun and challenging sport that people of all ages can enjoy. If you’re looking for a new target to practice on, give one of these DIY archery targets.

They are affordable and easy to make, but they also provide hours of entertainment. Who knows? You may even start hitting the bullseye more often than possible.